Professional Supports and Services…

In a culture where rapid change is normalised, we at “Reflective Presence” offer a comprehensive, post-modern, innovative approach to forge methods, models, practices, and resources for rural, urban, and interfaith ministry that are sustainable, life-giving, and reflective of our fullest humanity. We offer a cutting-edge, new, ecclesial management style for faith communities.
In times of change and need for revitalisation, faith communities are invited to do what other sectors successfully do: bring in the outside professional help and expertise of those others who hold experience and energy. “Reflective Presence” professionals are also mentors: we help train your faith community to intentionally build and enhance your needed skills, so you can assume their application in your individual congregations.
  • Reflective Presence: Consultants in Ministry” offers you with the following professional supports and services:
  • checkSpiritual Companioning/Direction (Reflective Mentoring™) with Individuals or Groups,
    (offering a specialty: in “Online” and Interfaith companioning; with rural or isolated ministers/clergy, &
    lay-leaders; and with Palliative Journeying. Interfaith companioning is with a depth in Christianity
    (Anglican tradition), Buddhism (Theravada tradition), Sufism (Universal Sufism), & agnosticism/atheism;
    and with a general, practiced, understanding of Hinduism.);
  • checkPastoral Conversations,
    (pastoral listening);
  • checkSpiritual Facilitation,
    (intentional programming of workshops, retreats, group-dialogue, & Reiki treatments);
  • checkChurch / Faith Community Re-missioning™ Support,
    (strategic “prayerful planning” guidance & supports with visioning and change management processes,
    including establishing the related councils and advisory boards required as effective instruments of
    achieving developed visions & missions. We also offer professional administrative supports in:
    book-keeping; completing CRA charitable returns & grant applications; and other supports unique to
    your community); and
  • checkResource for rural and interfaith ministry.