Rev. GailMarie Henderson holds a Masters of Divinity from Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. She is preparing to defend her Doctoral thesis on Rural Ministry at the same university. Healthy and sustainable rural ministry is her passion. She is an Anglican priest licensed with the Diocese of Algoma and for over twenty years has been an associate of the Sisters of St. John the Divine, an Anglican contemplative order based in Toronto. GailMarie’s background in public health and addiction nursing laid a good foundation for ministry, and set her on a course of being a lifelong learner, understanding learning, as well as mentoring as a sacred calling we all share.
Tom Esakin is formally trained as a Spiritual Director through the Jubilee Associates (Ontario) in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction program. His Reiki Practitioner, levels I & II, training is through Reiki Master Christine Crawford of Wildflower Reiki. He also holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development from Staffordshire University, U.K. Tom is seasoned in strategic management (strategic planning and visioning), community engagement, program development, and fundraising through professional experience in the political, NGO, corporate, religious, and university sectors. He is active in the interfaith community, within which he is a confirmed Anglican church-goer, a Buddhist meditator in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, and an initiate in the Sufi Order International. Tom lives the importance of “relationship” to one another and to that which is greater than our own self.

What We Do…

…“Reflective Presence”, unites us in our sacredness and within a safe, nurturing, and respectful facilitated space, to empower for transformation through: listening, reflecting, identifying, and mentoring lay and ordained persons from among diverse religious traditions in spiritual formation and deepening at the personal, congregational, or institutional levels and intentionally engaging with online technology.


Strategic & administrative “prayerful planning” supports for the surviving & thriving of churches and faith communities.

checkSpiritual Companioning / Direction:

​A “Reflective Mentoring”™ process with Individuals, Groups, and Interfaith communities; including expertise with: “Online” companioning, Palliative Journeying, and support to rural / isolated ministers & lay-leaders.

checkSpiritual Facilitation:

Workshop, Retreat, & Group-dialogue programming; and Reiki treatments.

checkPastoral Conversations:

Pastoral listening.